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Trust to experts!
Focus on the business and do that brings you the money. For the moderate pay our experts will transform your Information System into the high-grade tool for business management. The fixed expenses for the subscriber service, will allow you to plan the budget really. Do you want the determinancy? - Conclude the contract on subscriber service. We wait for you.
Tariff name Cost of 1 hour of works, in rubles. T, Total hours in a month S, Cost for a month, in rubles, including VAT.
Time service less than 8 hours (pay-per-performed works)
Р2-82 5002-8from 5000
Time service more than 8 hours (advances 50%)
Р82 3008-20from 18400
Р202 100>20from 42000
Subscription services (contract for 6 months., monthly advance)
А22 30024 600
А52 200511 000
А82 100816 800

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